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Data Modeling Query



I need help with one of the questions from AEP certification! I will try to recollect the question along with the options given.

Q: 'Order' and 'Item' tables are given. Here are the table details:
Order Table (Id, Date, Customers, etc)
Item Table (Order Id, Item Id)
What is the best way to model it?

a) Model Order table as an XDM Experience Event class-based schema and Item table as Custom class
b) Model as an XDM Experience Event class-based schema

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@shaunakj18  The question is missing some context around how this data model will be used for segmentation or in an use case. Depending on this information the answer can change.


But I would pick A as answer. Order Table will be create as a XDM Experience Event Class Schema and item table will be a look up customer class.


Here is a screenshot of similar setup






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I think its A is the answer, I also face the same question in exam