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Adobe Real-Time CDP Monthly Global Releases March 2024



Adobe Real-Time CDP Monthly Global Releases March 2024

Here is a summary of the Real-Time CDP product releases. Click on the many Experience League documentation links of each feature or review the release notes: Adobe Experience Platform Release Notes (updates coincide with monthly release).


  • Look-Alike Audiences – Available for Real-Time CDP B2C and B2P  Prime and Ultimate edition customers only Leverage intelligent insights to discover and activate high-value profiles that share similarities with a selected seed audience.

Improve marketing performance with intelligent targeting and expanded reach in a marketer-friendly UI.



Create expanded audiences of look-alike profiles based on existing seed audiences in Real-Time CDP



Use AI/ML insights into key characteristics of existing audiences to discover similar profiles and enhance personalization



Apply data usage and consent policies to responsibly use audience data for look-alike audience creation

Read more on this: Tech Blog - Look-Alike Audiences: AI-enabled Audience Expansion in Real-Time CDP


  • New Extensions


The Trade Desk Event Conversions

The server-side event forwarding extension provides an opportunity for advertisers and trusted providers to send offline conversion events, server side real-time, to be used for attribution. Offline conversion events cover a range of use cases like attributing in-store sales or place visits.



Merkle Mercury Tag

This client-side Tags extension enables customers to implement Merkle's Merkury Tag on their website providing match rates of anonymous website visitors to deliver real-time personalized website experiences.


Acxiom Anonymous Visitor Insights

This client-side Tags extension enables customers to deliver personalized experiences by utilizing geo IP lookup technology to  pinpoint the location of anonymous browsers. 


  • New and updated destination connectors

Acxiom Prospect-Suppression

Exports first party data from Real-Time CDP and run it through Acxiom identity resolution which produces a data file to be used as a suppression list and matched against Acxiom database to enable the prospect list for import (via Acxiom Prospect Data source) back into Real-Time CDP.


Acxiom Data Enhancement

Supply additional data to Acxiom customer profiles for use in analytics, segmentation and targeting within Acxiom.

Amazon Ads

This update adds the capability to activate Real-Time CDP audiences into Amazon Marketing Cloud. Leverage audiences built in Real-Time CDP for audience targeting and ads measurement within Amazon Ads, including Amazon DSP and Amazon Marketing Cloud.


  • New Source Connectors

 Acxiom Data Ingestion – Available for Real-Time CDP, B2B, B2C and B2P only customers in Prime and Ultimate editions.

Use the Acxiom Data Ingestion source to ingest Acxiom data into Real-Time Customer Data Platform and enrich first-party profiles. Then, you can use your Acxiom-enriched first-party profiles to improve audiences and activate across marketing channels.


Stripe – Available for Real-Time CDP, B2B, B2C and B2P only customers in Prime and Ultimate editions.

Use the Stripe source to ingest data captured during the purchase flow by your customers into Experience Platform. Once ingested, you can use this data to create personalized offers and unlock richer business insights.


Snowflake Streaming (UI) – Available for Real-Time CDP B2B, B2C and B2P Ultimate customers only.

Use the Snowflake Streaming source to ingest streaming data from your Snowflake database to Experience Platform.


Adobe Experience Platform allows you to fully customize the structure of your custom Experience Data Model (XDM) classes, schema field groups, and data types. Customers can now create custom Map Fields and add to their schemas directly from the Schema Editor UI. This makes it easier for data architects to add custom map fields to the schema directly from the schema edit. And allows for data ingestion keyed to specific values.


customers in Prime and Ultimate editions.

Edge Profile view can now be seen in Profile Debugger. Provides customers with greater visibility of Edge Profiles. Reduce customer pain points and provide better support for debugging as well as improved Edge Segmentation monitoring.


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