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Subscription Lists and Profile Updates


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I created a Subscription List and attached it to a LP. The LP is designed to the Opt-In to a service. I subscribed myself to the list. What I'm also trying to do is once I subscribe, I would like the Language field on my profile to update - add value 'FR' or 'French' to that field. 


When looking that documentation - I see that I can add an Audience Reaction that would then listen to my Subscription list and (I would choose ENTER since they will be added once they Opt-In) and then I can send a Confirmation email. I also tried to use the Update Profile activity, and that where I get a little lost. When looking at the Schemas to choose, I don't see my main schema, can someone guide me on how to get the Profile field updated on the schema. 


Also - how can I view the profiles on the Subscription List. I know I'm on there, but the Profile preview always returns 0. I even tried to query my List and it still returns 0, even though the report has 1 subscription. 


from cjm_email_tracking_experience_event_dataset
where _experience.customerJourneyManagement.messageInteraction.subscription.subscriptionListID = 'MDH - French Test List'

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Subscription list Id / name / title usually does not contain spaces. Did you check if that's the right one ?



Kindly take a look at this documentation https://experienceleague.adobe.com/en/docs/journey-optimizer/using/orchestrate-journeys/about-journe... on update profile node. You should ideally be able to select the schema, dataset (if you have created one) and the fields to be updated.