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Event Config, fields with array objects


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Hi there,


I have a cart abandonment journey did where each of the products are listed are multiple objects in the productListItem array. For example, there could be up to (or more) productListItems[20]. I have two requirements:


1) In a conditional node, look for all the items in the productListItems[] and determine if one object matches the filter condition (ex. productListItems[x] = 'ABC'), if yes, send the customer over down the journey. (The challenge here is how to navigate through all the objects? - here's the current syntax: @{CommerceCartv5.productListItems.at(0)._tenantID.productName}


2. In the request parameter, assuming there are still 20 objects in productListItems, is there a way to concatenate all the objects together into one giant string? So the output would be productListItems[1] + ',' + productListItems[2]....[x]. 


3.Wondering how do I grab a value from productListItems[x] where x meets certain criteria? For example, gives me an error:

@{CommerceCartv5.productListItems.first(currentEventField._tenantID.productType == "xyz").category

The expression is invalid : Event field not found. It may have been deleted or you don't have permission to use it. I can confirm I am return all the fields listed are retuned by the event.



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