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Dynamic content in Email to include or exclude - non default option


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Description - Sorry if the subject was a bit cryptic  

When creating email content we often have content to be shown to only a set of customers e.g. has not downloaded our mobile app or belongs to this VIP customer group. In todays dynamic content there is always a default option, so we cannot use the built in functionality to include/exclude customers to receive this specific topic. 


We solve this today using a IF statement in the HTML code or add a Offer. It works but it's not as easy as adding a dynamic rule. And we see it might be more complicated the more offers we will add to the email content. 


Why is this feature important to you - We are going to start using fragments and several offers with in our email content. having the possibility to add a dynamic content to be shown only to some customers without having a default item will make it easier for not-so-technical content creators to generate email content. 


How would you like the feature to work - When adding a dynamic content make it possible to delete the default one and only have one with an expression.  

Current Behavior - We cannot have dynamic content only for one customer group, it's not possible to remove the default content. 



Employee Advisor


Good ideas here. Wondering if in the short term you could just delete all the component items from the default state. You would still need to keep the container, but could make it very small, then Variant 1 could be shown to users for example that have never downloaded the app before.