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Custom defined alerts for Audiences, Journeys & Offers


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Description: We would like to define our own customer alerts in the UI for specific audiences and journeys.

Why is this feature important to you: Due to lack of proper monitoring in AJO itself we often miss issues in audiences where they either increase or decrease quickly and we are then at the risk of sending campaigns to the wrong customers. As we're a big company, with many active segments, journeys and offers it's impossible for us to manually monitor everything all the time.

How would you like the feature to work: We can define a custom alert which for selected segments (ex: A, B & D). At what % of discrepancy it should send an alert (ex. +/- 15%) and then an email is sent to a selected list of users X,Y,Z.

Current Behaviour: There is no feature to have custom alerts for audiences.

Extra bonus feature: If the alert could also include an automatic pause of any journey or offer that use the selected audience.

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