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Deliverability Packages for AJO




Make no mistake – email is still a primary channel marketers rely on to engage with their customers. Research shows that 41% say it’s very critical—up nearly 30% since 2020. And consumers are just as reliant on email, where they prefer brands to communicate with them via email over other channels. Therefore, it is as important as ever to marketers for emails to make it to the inbox and drive engagement.


But this can be a challenge, as 1 in 6 legitimate, permission-based marketing emails aren’t delivered (Validity, State of Email, 2023). To succeed with email marketing, email marketers must address challenges related to planning, infrastructure, and data.


To support overcoming these, and other challenges, we are excited to announce the availability of deliverability offerings, Essentials, Enhanced, and Plus. These offerings are designed to give you the ultimate flexibility in choosing which package is the best for you and replace all legacy deliverability packages for Campaign, as they have been discontinued.


If you have questions, contact your Adobe team, and review the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) below:


  • What is the primary difference between the legacy SKUs and the new SKUs?
    • The legacy SKUs are based on hours of work while the new SKUs are outcome based supporting an enhanced experience. Pricing is also now in line with core product SKUs allowing for pricing that better aligns to a client’s size and needs.  While in some cases, pricing may be higher, the customer should see increased value with the availability and level of support provided.
  • Which package is right for me?
    • Essentials. You already are or have your own deliverability expert, and just need occasional backup and direct MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) data
    • Enhanced. You are comfortable doing most things on your own but would like occasional check-ins and support. 
    • You are looking to optimize your email performance and expect support with any email deliverability question quickly and with detailed customized recommendations and strategies
  • Is there a comparison of the three products?
    • A comparison matrix can be found in the product description, found here: Product Description 
  • What if I do not buy add-on Deliverability support?
    • The new Product Licenses (ACMC and AJO) include Diagnostic Tickets for Deliverability (Do I have a problem, what is it?), but they do NOT include assistance with resolving issues relating to Deliverability.  For customers still on Legacy products, no Deliverability support at all is included with the Product License.
  • Do I need support for additional IP and/or Domain Warming? 
    • Many customers at some point onboard a new brand, domain, target audience, or need to send a much larger than normal campaign. These can be high risk and complex processes, and assistance from the Deliverability team is highly recommended. Additional support outside of the initial IP warming is available starting at the Enhanced Tier (up to once per year) and Unlimited warming via the Plus offering.
  • What if I have deliverability support via a 3rd party?
    • Essentials is still recommended for customers who have in-house expertise or are currently working with a 3rd Party. 3rd parties do not have access to internal logging or familiarity with Adobe's systems. We regularly see requests for assistance in these situations and Essentials allows them to get the type of support they need.