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Applying XML Documentation condition sets


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The documentation describes creating a folder profile and adding conditions to it. Separately, the documentation describes selecting a condition set in the map editor.

I setup a folder profile and then tried to use it in a map in the folder that the folder profile specifies. When I select "condition set" there is no list to select from, and clicking add produces the message "All properties have been added".

How do I use a condition set and how do I create the condition set to be used?

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Please reference the documentation that you are referring to.


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I've done so and am asking a question.

I've created the folder profile, added users and specified the folder path

I've added a condition set and some condition attribute names and values

In a map editor, I see nowhere where the condition set can be selected. If I attempt to add an attribute it says "all properties have been added" instead of adding an attribute specification.

Here is what I see in the map editor. How do I use the condition set that was added the folder profile of the folder this map is in?


Here is the message I get when I click "add" to add an attribute.


Here it shows that the folder profile applies to the folder that the map is in:


Here it shows that the folder profile has a condition attribute.



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I can refine the question now.

So, there are:

1. Condition presets in a folder profile

2. "Condition preset" in map, that is a list of names and values.

3. The condition attributes themselves.

What I see is that you have to attributes specified in DITA before the add button will add a condition to a map. So, it's finding attribute specifications and adding them. In other words, they aren't "preset", they are directly set. A nd, I guess you would need to keep track of te content so you know if you need to update the "condition preset" when new attributes are added.

However, I still haven't found how you get the condition presets defined in a folder profile to be added to a map. In DITA, you would use a ditaval file, that is effectively a "condition preset" and it's created independently of the attributes actually used in DITA.

How can I get the condition preset defined in the applicable folder profile to be available to add to the map's condition preset?