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AEM GUIDES: How to automate pulling metadata into creating filename for new assets


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Trying to enforce file name structure and most of the "building blocks" of our valid file names are extant in metadata. 


What I envision is this: When creating a new DITA file or related asset have the author fill out the metadata first and have the filename automatically built from those values.



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@GregWait : Currently the file creation dialog does not have this ability to add metadata and use that for defining filename.

However, I also see this requirement as a way to define the filename of the generated output - be it PDF or HTML or others, which is possible with AEM Guides where the output preset can use metadata as variables and use them to generate output with filename as combination of static string and metadata values. More details around this are documented in this article . Let us know if this also addresses your requirement. 

Else we can further understand your requirement in detail.