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3rd Party Event Based Rule not firing


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Hi all,

I have tried to create an Event Based rule using a Floodlight DoubleClick tag but cannot get the data to pull in to the DoubleClick dashboards.  Using the Chrome Debugger plugin, when i replicate the desired course of action(click on a linked image) I see that my rule fires, but then the debugger shows the following message directly after "SATELLITE: Command writeHTML failed. You may be using an async installation of Satellite. "

I don't see this message when I fire page load rules, only for events.  Is this error message the reason why my tag won't send data to DoubleClick?  How can I resolve the issue?


Thanks so much,

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Yes, this is probably the reason for why your data doesn't get sent to DoubleClick.

This happens when you try to use a 3rd party Sequential HTML javascript item in an event-based rule after the DOM has loaded.

I believe there is a restriction for doing this inside of DTM so that you don't use document.write('<script>//third party script here</script>') after the page has loaded and accidentally replace all of your html.  :) But I do know that you can't use Sequential HTML in an event-based rule after the DOM has loaded.

A solution is to use Non-Sequential javascript or Sequential javascript.  This solution doesn't use document.write.  So, I would suggest copying the javascript and putting it in a javascript rule (not HTML).


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HI All,


I am facing the similar issue, I have some google conversion tags those need to be fired on click of a button.

possibly I cannot convert this to plain javascript, as the tag need to load some js files and read some data elements.

is there any other way I can write the HTML to page on click of submit.