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I have used SiteCatalyst for years, but now am responsible for implementing the tracking/tagging as well. I have no programming background. What would be good topics to research in order to have enough knowledge and understanding to be able to tell my developers what I need to have on a page so that I can set up tracking in DTM? Do I need to get more familiar with JavaScript or ??

For example, we have a form that has 5 steps, however the page does not change with steps. I'm trying to figure out how to track form abandonment when there is no trigger to a new page.

Thanks in advance!

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Thanks for reaching out! I have found that having an understanding of the variables in Analytics as well as a basic understanding of HTML and javascript goes a long way. If your developers aren't familiar with props and evars it can be helpful to be able to meet them half way by knowing a little bit of code. You can bridge the gap between their programming knowledge and how Analytics should be implemented. Javascript is a great starting point if you haven't learned any programming in the past. It will also help you debug issues faster. Even if you don't know how to write a piece of code perfectly, it will help you quickly identify where issues are. Jeff Chasin also spoke about this a little bit on the Digital Analytics Power Hour podcast (in episode 8), and wrote a blog article that may be helpful.

For your example, it sounds like you are referring to an AJAX page. There is an excellent 'Getting Started' guide for AJAX on the Mozilla Developer Community (MDN). Here is a list of all of MDN's Tutorials

Hope this helps,