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Global Link Click Tagging


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Hello All,

My question is of a general nature.  We are implementing our first instance of Adobe Analytics.  We have page tracking implemented, however the person working on my implementation (he ha,s as far as I can tell, never done this) is resisting tagging all link clicks or clickable events.  I have provided him information on global link tracking but he insists he must know "the important" click events to tag and is not understanding a page view is not enough.  I have always had all possible click events tagged globally as I view this as best practice, and we should not be tagging click events individually.


Please tell me is there ever an instance where it is best to tag only some click events on your site?

Am I incorrect that tagging all click events is best practice for both analytics and Target?

Does global event tracking not make for less development work later if the click events changes?


Thanks for your help.



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