Data capturing on Page Load rules



Hi ,


I have a requirement where on page load i need to capture some  information , i have captured info for all fields , except 1 field , this data is not availlable on page load ,

since api takes some time to bring data from database , now once the page is loaded i can access this info , but by now variable is evaluated  and in DTM we have logged as NULL , how can this be achieved on Page load rule .

Can i make it to wait until i get api response ,

can i update the page load rules data later after page loads ,

currently my rule is executing at bottom of page and still  not capturing value , guess by then data from API is not there 



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You either set the rule to trigger on DOM Load or a better way would be to have the script which is pulling the data from database to run _satellite.track call and set up a direct call rule in DTM then you can be sure the tag won't trigger until the data is loaded.