Context Hub related doubt in AEM 6.2




I do not have too much of an insight into contextHub.

In our application, we have some social share links present on pages. Under contextHub we have a js file, which seems to be tracking which of the social share icons is clicked.

It has entries like _satellite.track("media-click"), ContextHub.Utils.storeCandidates.registerStoreCandidate and so on..

From what I understand

1] When we have integrations with DTM, to get some stats about page, then those corresponding js code/file for it is present under ContextHub folder.

2] All of this coding has to be done by DTM team?

3] Went through ContextHub documentation but did not get a very clear picture. If you can share any good reference links/articles on this will be helpful.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)