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I am making use of the DTM library download which was intially a pain as you could not specify a specific url as it assumes based on the location i.e. //.


DTM now automatically bring the domain host which is great but i have noticed an issue especially when using different staging environments which requrie a certain port number. It would great if DTM can add the port number if available or just allow you to make use of a data element.


In my current situation i always need to override that piece of code so i can work on all my staging.



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I am not sure if this is on the roadmap but i have encountered multiple clients now that cannot load DTM locally when their dev url contains a port number.


We cannot always go back to loading the DTM from adobes server as it will not be a true representation of how it will load live especially when dealing with angular js websites.


Cross fingers that this will be an option in the next release.