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triggerView() naming for scale (e.g. a high cardinality page like product details)


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I have an Adobe Target at.js v2.x question, we are in the process of migrating from 1.x to 2.x and hoping to leverage preloading and triggerView for a VEC friendly implementation that scales.

The question I have is around the naming convention of the triggerViews - let me give an example:

Say we are an eCommerce website that has many different product detail pages (PDPs), we have 2 options when defining view names for each PDP..

  1. We keep it generic - i.e. single view name for all PDP `shop:product-detail`
  2. We make it granular - i.e. single view name per product `shop:product-detail:product-123`


Each has a pro and con, if we want to run a test across all PDP pages then #1 is most effective, otherwise if we wanted to test on a sub-set of PDP then #2 might be more effective.

Would be interested on how others have approached this?


Does the triggerView also allow a templated approach where I can apply modifications to many triggerViews that match a certain pattern - e.g. starts with `shop:product-detail`

(A third option comes to mind, where we could trigger both..)

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