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Target Activity details missing in /delivery call (response tab)


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Hi, I have an A/B test campaign set up in Adobe Target with a 50:50 traffic split. It is a redirect URL test wherein the users get redirected to a redesigned page when they become part of the test group.

The test is now live and I see the Target Activity details in the /delivery call (under the response tab) when I become part of the control group. However, when I become part of the test group (redirect URL), the Target Activity details are missing in the /delivery call. I could see the data flowing in AA though for both the groups. 

Additionally, I see an unequal split in traffic (75:25) instead of the equal traffic split (50:50) set in the activity.

Has anyone faced a similar issue or can help me understand this?

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Hi @aliv1,

Regarding your 75:25 unexpected split...there are some situations that can lead to this when you are using Analytics for Target reporting - which I presume you are. Here's an A4T FAQ for Redirect offers that might be helpful. This specific question talks about a situation that can lead to unexpected allocations when your server double encodes some query values:

Where Can I Find FAQs About Redirect Offers with A4T? | Adobe Target