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For the variation, we're seeing over 12K visits in first touch channel reporting being classified as "none". What's the explanation as to why this is happening? It isn't happening with the control either, only experience B. For the control (A) there's only 351 labeled as "none".

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Greetings, and thanks for your question! The "none" classification in experience B means that the referrer is not getting passed to the next page. In order to use re-direct offers with A4T, you need the Target at.js version 0.9.6 or later (the mbox.js library does not support redirect offers with A4T). *Note that it is only with recent versions of at.js, appmeasurement.js and visitorapi.js and out-of-the-box redirect offers that the referrer gets passed in the redirect to the next page and is picked up automatically by Analytics. If you need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to

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