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Data Discrepancies between Overall vs Desktop device and Mobile Device


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Hi Community,


We were recently run a A/B Testing for 2 weeks and it is announced the winner. We tried to explore the reports, we have used the segmentation ( Desktop Device and Mobile Devices) for audience for reporting . Seems most of the users comes from Mobile device. But when we check the data, it is mismatching between overall data.


for Eg: Scenario 1:

Overall traffic: 100 visitors

Mobile Device: 80 visitors

Desktop Device: 40 visitors


Overall traffic should be 120 visitors?


for Eg: Scenario 2:

Overall traffic: 80 visitors

Mobile Device: 100 visitors

Desktop Device: 20 visitors


Overall traffic should be 120 visitors?


Below is the segmentation of audience we have been used. Also attached the audience screenshots.


Mobile Device: Mobile Include: (Attached)

Is Mobile Device -> True Desktop Device:


Mobile Include: (Attached)

Is Mobile Device -> False


Can you please help me to understand the right method track the mobile and desktop device traffic?



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Do you have screenshots of the reporting that you can share?

I don't understand Scenario 2, it just shouldn't be possible to have a single segment (i.e. Mobile Device) that is greater than Overall Traffic.

For Scenario 1, do you have a Customer ID that you're sharing with Target for an authenticated/logged in user? If so, then one potential explanation could be the same user logging in on 2 different devices