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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi ,

To set up an audience to don't launch a test when a url contains certain query params. Please follow following steps:

  1. In the Target interface, click Audiences > Create Audience.

  2. Name the audience.

  3. Click Add Rule > Site Pages.

  4. Click Select, then select the following options:

    • Current Page: The page the user is currently on, which is the page that contains an mbox in the activity. If you target at the activity level, this could be a page with an mbox that you are using to define entry conditions, or a page that displays content. If you are targeting by experience, then the current page is the page that the display mbox is on. For Success metric or conversion targeting, then it is the page that those mboxes are on.

    Then , Select the option

    • Domain: The full domain of the page. When specifying a domain, best practice is to use "contains." For example, "Domain equals" will not accept or "Domain contains" will accept any variant of

    • Query: The content of the URL after the first question mark (?). For example, the query is shown in bold in the following sample URL:


  5. Click Add Rule and set up additional rules for the audience.

  6. Click Save.

Please see the following documentation for more help:



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