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Adobe Target Exam Study Guide Practice Question


Level 2

I saw this multiple choice question in the practice area for Adobe Target certification.

"In what scenario is it most appropriate to run an Automated Personalization Activity?"

  1. As an Activity that records data in the background with minimal collisions.
  2. In situations or strategies that require the least amount of time to give a successful return.
  3. In situations that require a lot of time to gather and analyze a sizable amount of data.
  4. In every situation in which a Multivariate Activity is useful.

I didn't understand why the right answer was A. Can someone explain it to me?


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Employee Advisor

I'd be inclined to agree that it's a bit confusing - 2. is the most clearly incorrect as typically AP activities require a huge amount of data; I would rule out 4. just because the purpose of an MVT is very different from an AP test; 3. is the confusing one!


Level 2

I'm with you, but don't we want all activity types to record data in the background with minimal collisions, that doesn't sound like something particular to automated-personalization activity types? So I don't get why that choice is the right one.