Target request on Android SDK



is it possible to make a request to the target-global-mbox, to display on an android application, the changes made through a visual activity of a web page?

I tried this way:

TargetLocationRequest request = Target.createRequest ("target-global-mbox", ...);

but it does not work.

Thanks for your help!






Hi nicolas57545684​ Currently VEC activities cannot be used for mobile apps.  There is a Mobile App VEC that is in Beta should facilitate this in the future. Ref:

Mobile App Visual Experience Composer

For now you need to use the form based composer to setup an activity for mobile app. Please do check the following documentation Introduction · adobe-target/mobile-lab Wiki · GitHub  that has detailed information about using in Target in mobile apps. There are samples as well for reference.




Thanks for the reply! Probably I have not explained well. I need to get the target-global-mbox of a web application via the android sdk. Basically what I need is the result of the call rest that is done thanks to the use of at.js: .tt.omtrdc.net / m2 /.../ mbox / json? Mbox = target-global-mbox & .. .

I thought this was possible through a load request to the target-global-mbox, but it does not work.

My goal is to realize a cross platform targetization, in which the results of the targetization carried out on the web application are also replicated on the android application.

Thanks for your help