Recommendation Feed



My query is

I have two separate product lines

The recommendation activity which I want to run for these two different product lines is on their respective product pages

The few details which got displayed (look and feel) about these products is also different

In such a scenario,

Do I need to take one feed for both type of products from AEM OR should I take two separate feed from AEM. One for each type of product??

If there are two feeds, then will these two feed update the same space in recommendation catalog?? OR we can also do a separation between recommendation catalog for these two product lines??






This is a great question. You can use the same feed to upload the products what will be important is to create two separate collections for them you can use their unique identifiers to categorize them into individual collections. Once you have done this you can configure different criteria each criteria can use a different collection. You can read more about collections here: Collections​  I hope this helps you.

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