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QA more than one activity simultaneously


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Hi there,

One of our use case involves 2 separate activities on 2 separate pages.

- One Activity would be running 100% to save some cookie values

- The second Activity (main activity) would be making use of those cookie values

The QA link only let us test one activity at one time. Is there a way we can QA both activities simultaneously?



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The QA URL is specific not only to the activity but to the experience in the Activity. If I were tasked to set up two activities that modify different parts of the page on the same URL and wanted to qualify into both at the same time here is how I would do it:

1. Set up the 2 activities like this:


     URL: domain1.com

     Audience: if URL contains test=1234


     URL: domain1.com

     Audience: if URL contains test=1234 + (Whatever else you need to properly narrow down your audience)

2. Turn both activities live. None of your real visitors should see them because they don't know the secret URL parameters.

3. When you test use the secret parameter. Since you qualify for both activities you should see content changes made from both. As long as they are changing different elements of the site. (If they both change the same element you will just see the last changes that were applied by whatever activity happened to have effect on the element last)

Hope this helps you out a lot

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Thanks @mike

In our case, our 2 activities are setup on 2 different pages. One is just saving True/False in a cookie value if a user clicks one particular CTA on a contact us page. The other activity will get activated on the homepage if the cookie value True exists.

The only problem with your suggested approach is that this URL query parameter (123 etc) will have to be added in the URL every time and requires a page refresh. This approach is not quite convenient even if its a multiple page SINGLE activity. Imagine doing that for multiple devices and browsers.

I think QA should be carried in the settings closest to real user experience. In the past, we have actually come across a situation where the Target wasn't firing the activity when a user enters the page, it was firing only on a page refresh, however our QA couldn't pick that since we are using the above method for QA