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QA for audience personalization using AAM > Target


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Hi optimization friends,

I'm trying to QA an A/B test with two experiences, but within each experience I have multiple audiences that see different targeting. The goal is to test the impact of the personalized content and logic.

The audiences were created in Audience Manager and pushed to Target. Does any one know of a way I can trick Target into thinking that I fall into one of those audiences? The QA links that Target provides are only for the control and the variant, but there is no option to force an audience. Furthermore, there is no way to naturally fall into some audiences because they require that I meet 1st party data criteria such as "has purchased product y before".

I need a way to trick Target into showing me each experience so that we can see it load properly, click around and make sure everything is good to go.

Thank you!


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Hi Scott, when using the activity QA links, there is a setting "Match Audience Rules to See Experiences" that allows you to test the QA links for audience criteria . Enabling this, allows you to test for different audience conditions such that you only see the targeted content when you meet the audience criteria. More information on the same can be found in Activity QA.


Level 2

Thank you for your suggestion. The issue is that I'm not able to qualify for the audience that is being targeted. I'm trying to artificially make myself become the specific audience. Once I'm able to do that, then the approach you outline above will work.

I have received some suggestions from a few other consultants on measure.slack and will be trying them out. If one or many of them work then I will post them here so the larger community has access to them.

If anybody else has other suggestions I'd love to hear them.



Hi Scott,

Thanks for willing to share your findings here with the rest of the Target Community! How did the recommended approaches work for you?