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It's time to transition to the new Adobe Target!



Hello Target Community!

I am Jason Hickey, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Adobe Target. I want to share with you all some really exciting news about the future of Adobe Target.

You are all no doubt aware (and hopefully using!) the new Adobe Target interface that we’ve been relentlessly expanding and developing over the past few years.  There are hundreds of amazing new features in the new Adobe Target to talk about – our guided workflow and visual experience composer, our embedded Adobe Marketing Cloud integrations, shared reporting capabilities with Adobe Analytics for a single source of truth in your data, our innovations in data science and machine learning and more.  We’ve done all of this while serving an entirely new persona, the non-technical marketer, with our new UI and workflows.

So, what’s the news? Today we’ve announced the transition timeline to sunset the Adobe Target Classic (Test&Target) UI in November 2017. Today is the day to start planning your move to the new Adobe Target!

Why should you move over today? Marketers who have already made the transition are seeing significant reductions in their time to test, as well as substantial increases in scalability and ROI. Intel, an Adobe Target Premium customer, tells us in this blog interview about more than doubling test velocity since moving to the new interface – going from 700 tests in 2015 to more than 1000 in the first half of 2016!

The details of this transition can be found at our Adobe Target Transition Hub.  You will find links to videos, webinars, help articles, and Frequently Asked Questions. Our first webinar will be held on September 20th - the details of which can be found via the Hub.  I’d like to share just a few thoughts and themes around this transition, so that you can fearlessly move over to the new UI and workflows.

With the new Target UI, you can:

  • Access powerful innovations like the visual experience composer, guided workflow, advanced algorithms for automated personalization, and personalized recommendations
  • Take full advantage of core services provided by Adobe Marketing Cloud, including server-to-server Analytics integration, shared audiences, and native testing and targeting authoring capabilities in AEM
  • Employ your favorite capabilities from the Classic UI
  • Start using it right away – the UI is fully backward-compatible
  • Do so much more

Furthermore, the migration path is easy and Adobe is here to help:

  • We are providing an extensive library of resources, from guides to videos to checklists, to assist with the transition
  • You can migrate your campaigns organically – there’s over a year of runway to wind down existing campaigns and start new activities in the new UI
  • Your account team and Adobe representatives are all enabled to help with questions and to ensure you get the guidance you need

As you can see, we have many useful resources available to assist you. In addition, throughout the transition period, we will continue to evangelize the process and resources, as well as deliver webinars and other customer engagements, to ensure that all of our customers’ needs are met.

Thank you so much!


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