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Inactive Activity Still Showing Traffic


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Have successfully deactivated an activity and yet still observing traffic.   I realize it may be a caching issue; however traffic still seems significant enough to ask this question of the Community.  Has anyone else encountered this issue and are there other steps that must be taken in order to successfully deactivate a Target Activity?


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Hi anned22181987

Even I have noticed this in A/B test report, I think it's happening because of delay in getting numbers into report. As you can notice that, when you qualify for specific experience or success metric it won't get reflected in report quickly, it takes time to generate report.

There is a latency in the time when data shows up in the reports. It depends on the amount of processing required before the data is reported.

So even if you have deactivated test there are still some pending results.

It should not happen for long period of time, Are you still facing this issue?

Have a good day.


Gauresh Kodag.



Hello anned22181987

Two things to consider here.

If this is an activity that uses Target for reporting, it may be due to caching and some latency.

However, if you are tracking the reporting via analytics. It is due to the TNT variable in Analytics is a list variable, and the Target activities persist in the tnt variable, and will continue collecting data long after they have been deactivated in Target.



anned22181987​ To add to what Rami said, if you are using A4T reporting this is expected and the same has been documented at

Why are Target metrics sent to Analytics even after the activity has been deactivated?

Best practice is view reports for that activity only for the time period the activity was live. The dates should be set correctly by default when you view the activity in Analytics, so unless you have manually extended the date this shouldn’t be an issue from a reporting standpoint.


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Hi, If for your activity, you have has chosen AA as reporting source then by default the variable collecting the A4T data persists for 90 days, therefore, conversions will continue to be attributed to your activity even after it is disabled for long period. This means that activities continue to get page views, visits, and so forth for up to 90 days after the activity ends for visitors that became part of the activity while it was active. However, if you look at the Activity Impressions metric, you should not see any impressions after the activity ended. Hope it helps.