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How the Adobe Target Perform rule for new visitors


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How the Adobe Target Perform rule for new visitors How to know the persona of new visitors to suggest the right campaign

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Hi wannaphat​,

Each time a visitor requests a page that has been optimized for Target, a request is sent to the targeting system to determine what content to serve to a visitor. This process occurs in real-time—every time a page is loaded, a request for the content is made and fulfilled by the system.

Each time a visitor requests a Target-enabled page, Target uses the following process to serve offers:

  1. A customer requests a page from your server and it displays in the browser.
  2. A first-party cookie is set in the customer's browser to set a unique visitor ID.A Experience Cloud visitor ID is also set if you are using the Master Marketing Profile.
  3. The page makes a call to Target either via the target.js file or an mbox on your page.
  4. Target references the profile associated with the visitor.
  5. Target executes any profile scripts associated with that profile.
  6. Target calculates its response.
  7. Content is displayed based on the rules of your activity or campaign.

Ref: How targeting works

Hope this helps answer your question.


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Is "New Visitor" definition in Target (as built by an audience using the Target Profile) aligned with Analytics definition of "New Visitor" which runs off of Experience Cloud ID Service?


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Yes as a general idea. However in reality Target and Analytics can only agree on who is the same visitor if you meet all of the following requirements:

1. A4T (Analytics for Target) Integration Enabled. (Analytics for Target implementation )

2. Visitor ID service is correctly implemented and both Marketing Cloud and Supplemental IDs are firing for both Target and Analytics. (Implement for Analytics, Audience Manager, and Target)

3. The visitor lifetime has been adjusted in target to 90 days so that it matches the visitor lifetime in analytics. (Visitor profile lifetime )


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One follow up, sorry.

In target, when setting up audiences, there are two options for targeting new visitors.

One is in the Target Profile, the other is located in the Target Library.

I'm not seeing any documentation that shows what the difference is between them.

I know the expiration of the target profile can be changed, what's the expiration of the target library (or is it more session-based)?



jharrington7897​ There is no difference between the two. They are placed under both options so that they can easily be selected. However new visitors are treated/evaluated the same way.


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Thanks for all this everybody, very grateful - Looks like Target aligns with itself for the most part, which is good.

I don't think the two tools are looking at "New" over the same period of time - I have those three things in our implementation you mention:

(A4T enabled, ECID enabled, Target Profile at 90 days)

I believe the EC cookie is a 2-year cookie though


Whereas the max profile length you can get in Target is 13 weeks (90 days)

This seems to align with an experiment I ran.

Target looks like it would always over-state compared to analytics, due to the shorter profile length, people would be "new" more often compared to analytics definitions.


(all of this may be old news, so I apologize if everyone already knows this) Just wanted to confirm my understanding on how the two tools are functioning.


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The visitor is a "new visitor" if they don't have the Target cookie.

If a live activity is configured at the URL in question. The new visitor is first evaluated to ensure that they match the activity targeting/audience.

If they do they are allowed into the activity and the content from one of the activity experiences is displayed.

If the new visitor does not match the activity targeting/audience they are not allowed to enter and are not shown any of the activity experiences.

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Hi all,

I'm looking for some further clarification about how this effects returning users this in an a/b test across multiple sessions.

We regularly use new visitor audience as entry condition aiming for cleaner entries into a test and avoid bias from customers who are already mid purchase.

I had assumed that when this visitor returns in a second or subsequent session they are obviously no longer "new", but as they are already bucketed in to the test group they would continue to be shown the same consistent experience on repeat visits, even though they no longer technically meet the original test entry criteria of "new visitor".

is this true or false?  


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Your assumption is accurate once a visitor has qualified into an Experience they stay in that experience until they either clear their cookies or the cookies expire.

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