Profile Script to show a Pop-Up once in a day for users

mohan_vamsy 18-10-2019


I want to create an audience profile script - and asking for someones help and expertise please!

I have created a target experience to show a Banner on one page. Now, when a user clicks on the Banner, I shouldn't be showing him that banner again, and on banner close, I should show that Banner to the user the next day, but not on same day again. Can someone help me with the script( if there's a template already) or make me understand how I can approach on writing a script. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


adamevansMACU 29-11-2019

I have tackled this through cookies - before the banner shows, check to see if the cookie exists; if it doesn't, show the banner and set a 1-day cookie.

It's less than ideal, but it works.