can the AEM Target work with simple html?

littlegreywolf 15-07-2018

can AEM Target or Adobe Target work with simple html pages which are not made by AEM?

we have some html pages of mobile app.they are not made by AEM.

i want to know if they can work with AEM Target or Adobe Target?

AEM Version 6.1



As long as you have the target libraries on the html pages you can use Adobe Target for targeting. Please refer to Implementation for more information on implementing Adobe Target.

littlegreywolf 16-07-2018

Do you mean that the simple pages not made by AEM can work with Target Mode or Adobe Target by using the embeded code of DTM?

How about the pages made by AEM?Do they are needed to be added the embeded code by me?


Hi Zhentao,

Thanks for your questions! For clarity, AEM stands for "Adobe Experience Manager" which is one solution within Adobe Experience Cloud that enables users to make experiences on pages, etc.

Adobe Target is another solution within Adobe Experience Cloud that enables users to target experiences to certain audiences to generate lift etc.

Shruthi's response explains that you CAN use Adobe Target on html pages, as long as the html pages have the target libraries on them. You can read more about this here:  Implementation

Hope this helps!

littlegreywolf 17-07-2018

Can this kind of pages do A/B test by using AEM Target Mode? I don not see related information about it in the documents.