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Any ways to automatically remove outlier data from A4T reporting?


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I remember Target classic had an option to remove "extreme" orders from test data. Any way to do that with the A4T integration?

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The Exclude Extreme Values flag applies to activities with Revenue and Engagement metric types only. Analytics for Target (A4T) Primary Goal and Additional Metrics only support Conversion or Analytics metrics.

For activities with Revenue and Engagement metric types:

To exclude extreme values from your reports:


Open an activity that includes Revenue or Engagement metric types, then click the Reports tab.

Click the gear icon ( ) to display the Report Settings options.

Toggle the Exclude Extreme Values option on or off, as desired.

Click Save Settings.

Hope this helps!

- Joshua



In Analytics itself, you can build a segment to exclude erroneous values.  Let's say your revenue had too many 00's in it.  so it was like 10000000 or something like that.. Then you can exclude revenue greater than (whatever is a reasonable amount for you).  Then you can build what we call a virtual report suite, on that segment so that everyone can use it.  It is a little bit around about way but it is possible.

I hope that helps,