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Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger not working in latest chrome


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It appears as if the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger is not working i Chrome v 73. Specifically the target tab and trying to enable target traces and logging. Most of my team can't use it. I tried on my home computer and it worked in 72 then I upgraded to 73 and it doesn't work.

Anyone else having this issue. Who manages this? Do we reach out to Customer Care?

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While I agree that the plugin is broken somewhere around api.backgroundScript.enableTargetMboxTraces, you can still log into Target -> Setup -> Implementation -> Debugger Tools -> Generate Token and tack on that ?mboxTrace=window&authorization=esjdlfjskdjflksjdflkjlskd query string param to the end of your url in the browser and it will turn on tracing for you in the network panel (filter for omtrdc).

Works great if you are comfortable with developer tools in Chrome. Though I will admit that the plugin is a better one-stop shop.


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I get that, but I just wanted to call it out for whoever maintains it can make sure to update it and I wanted to make sure it wasn't just us having the issue.

Another thing I have noticed not working in the debugger is where it would show you the expression of the matched or unmatched activities. This was before the current issue though. I am not sure how you can see that in the debugger tools. Is there a way?




i am using Chrome version 73 and the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger version 0.0.812 and I am able to see the Target/at.js calls in the debugger. You can go into your extension settings in Chrome to update to the current release version of the debugger if you are not on the current release.  I do know there were some issues with version 0.0.811 that affected at.js 2.0.

If you are on the current release version of the debugger and are still having trouble, please file an incident with steps to replicate what you are seeing (IE, what is your Target account info, what Target activity, and what URL you are going to) and Customer Care can research this further.


Peter Hartung

Technical Support Consultant

Customer Experience