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Activities via VEC not working


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We are in process of exploring Target capabilities by testing various type of activities. We are successfully able to create and test activities (Experience Targeting and A/B) using AEM by integrating to Target cloud services. But the activities created using VEC (or EEC) on Target UI are not working.

We have executed the following steps to troubleshoot, but not able to see any calls being made to Target while testing the activities:

1. Created and activated  simple experience target type of activity using VEC, with different content for simple browser segments.

2. Made sure that Target libraries are included on page(at.js)

3. Used _AT_Debug = console but not able to see any calls being made to Target.

4. Used mboxTrace with authentication token

Please let me know if any steps or important details I may have missed.


Kavita Dangat

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If the call is also not firing, and if you are using target-global-mbox, then please check whether auto create global mbox flag is switch on or not in at.js. Same can be found in file by searching for ""globalMboxAutoCreate":" The value should be true and should show up like "globalMboxAutoCreate":true


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Thank you Siddharth. I verified that we are using target-global-mbox and globalMboxAutoCreate is true. But calls still not firing.




Hi Kavita,

Are you able to confirm if the cloud configurations have been published in AEM.