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A/B test subdomains considerations/ Adding multiple Template rules


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Objective : Which label (label A vs Label B) leads to more clicks on the navbar.

Site Name : abc.com

I have a simple A/B test on a navbar which is as below:

Exp A: Home | Contact Us | Label A | Products

Exp B: Home | Contact Us | Label B | Products

As this is on the navbar - I have implemented template rule which says:

domain contains : abc.com

So the exp. remains the same for different URLs of the site.

Problem: The "Products" link actually lands to : subdomain.abc.com -- so if a user clicks on products while he is still in Exp B - he can see "Label A"  in the navbar - which is not great . (subdomain.abc.com and abc.com -- are visually very same - header and footer is same - so it leads to a bad experience for user. )

I have tried the following :

1. Add subdomain.abc.com in my template rule . I tried with and without comma as a separator - but it doesnt work.

I guess the answer is somewhere else . How can i fix this issue ? Do I have to do anything on the subdomain -- subdomain.abc.com .

Thanks a lot !!

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It's probably not applying across the board because the div id is slightly different or does not have a unique identifier. You can either have your developer fix this by always passing a unique div id for that label.

Or you can try to manually edit both of the nav-bar elements. This can be accomplished by using the Browse functionality when editing the activity in order to navigate to the final destination page: subdomain.abc.com Once there you would re adjust the labels as needed. See attached screen-shot below.

Hope this helps!

Browse feature:


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Thank you mike.

I would try this out - the solution posted by you seems to be more on lines of a multi page activity.

Also, I will try adding the sub domain in the template rule as well - it was not working earlier. Hope one of this solves the problem.