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[Adobe Target RELEASE NOTES] Target Standard/ Premium 23.3.1 (March 28-30, 2023)




Target Standard/ Premium 23.3.1 (March 28-30, 2023)

This release is available according to the following staggered schedule:

  • March 28: Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region
  • March 29: Asia-Pacific (APAC) region
  • March 30: Americas region

This release contains the following new features, enhancements, and fixes:

Feature Details
Optimized A4T metrics for Auto-Allocate and Auto-Target

(Release date March 30, 2023)

Target lets you choose metrics based on binomial events or metrics based on continuous events when using A4T for Auto-Allocate and Auto-Target activities.

Be aware of the following change in supported metrics:

  • Target preserved the previous behavior for existing activities until September 9, 2023. After this date, activities using non-supported metrics will be discontinued to force existing activity migration to the new behavior.
For more information, see “Supported goal metrics” in A4T support for Auto-Allocate and Auto-Target activities.
With this feature, the following tutorials have been updated:
  • Enhanced audience and activity synchronization so that items created in Adobe Experience Platform and Adobe Audience Manager are available in the Target UI quicker. (TGT-44568)
  • Enhanced UI to let users remove the Default URL under Administration > Visual Experience Composer > Default URL. This change lets customers change the default URL back to an empty string, which was previously not possible after initial configuration. (TGT-44577)
  • Removed restrictions that prevented customers from editing or deleting out-of-the box audiences (audiences with reserved names). (TGT-44655)
  • Disabled the “Done” option while loading spinners were visible in the Target UI when creating combined audiences. (TGT-44079)
  • Fixed the Language link at the bottom of the Audiences page so that it correctly links to the “Account communication preferences” page. (TGT-43562)
  • Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented customers from creating A/B Test activities after selecting the Adobe Analytics option under Administration > Reporting > Reporting Experience Cloud Solution. (TGT-44844)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented customers from viewing the last experience in a Multivariate Test activity with many experiences from within the Visual Experience Composer (VEC). The DOM path at the bottom of the VEC sometimes prevented customers from seeing the last experience. (TGT-44578)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Browse URL in the VEC to not reflect the current page that is visible in a normal browser session if the page requires authorization or invokes redirects. (TGT-44350)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented customers from changing the Filter Incompatible Criteria setting in Recommendations > Settings. (TGT-44398)
  • Fixed an issue that caused POST requests to create Recommendations feeds to fail when using Analytics Classifications with report suites with dots in their names. (TGT-44598)
  • Updated links in the Target UI to point to the new Visual Editing Helper extension. (TGT-44459)
  • Enhanced security to prevent Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) attempts in Recommendations feeds. (TGT-43769)
  • Made various localization fixes throughout the Target UI.

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