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XML Submit and Quickbooks sync with multiple data connections


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So I have added two data connections, an XML Schema and an MS Access OLEDB Connection. I have tested both connections and they work great seperately, but don't play well together.  I am trying to import data from MS Access in the form of a customer, update some information or create a new customer, then finally sync the form data to Quickbooks. Everything works great seperately but breaksdown together.

My problem is I get a Quickbooks communication error when trying to sync to Quickbooks. I've narrowed down the problem to the fact that adding the MS Access connection changes the XML data file that I am submitting to Quickbooks when i click 'Submit' (via http button, email, custom, whatever).  The xml data file that is getting submitted to Quickbooks contains the MS Access data as well and causes the Sync feature to fail.

When i take a form thats working with Quickbooks (ie, syncs properly), and simply add a connection to the Access file, that is all where it breaks down.  I've tried saveFilteredXML in an attempt to only grab some data, but I can't find any documentation on manifest objects. I've been driving myself crazy with this problem and NEED HELP! I can't be the only one out here trying to do this!


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