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White space - flowed layout


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I have a form with 6 pages and and some pages have text fields which require flowed layout while others have just text.I set the pages with just text to position and the ones with text fields to flowed.When I go from a flowed page to another flowed page its fine however when I got from a flowed pages to a positioned page I get a full page of white space.How do I make it so that when I go from a flowed page to a positioned page there is no white space.Thanks!!!

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I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to accomplish but generally you wouldn't go from a flowed subform to a positioned subform. In fact your objects shouldn't go from one subform to another at all regardless of its content type.

You might want to post your form or describe what your intentions are with greater detail.



Level 2

Basically all the Pages in your form need to set to "Flowed >> Top to Bottom" and in Pagination set to "Continue Filling Parent"

Also the contents in any of the page are static and need to retain the position, you can warp all the objects in a subform and that subform need to be made "Positioned"

That way you dont see any gaps or blank pages in betweem.

Hope this helps to solve your issue.