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Values disapearing after save


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I'm having a problem

i have a form with alot of fields and some fields are bound to a xsd file for information export

and we have a button with a save function that saves the document to alot of diferent folders and some checking it does before it will allow the user to save.

After a save the form opens up like it last was everything fine so far.

i make a few changes and again do the save function but this time the checking comes back saying fields that are filled are empty and it won't continiue.

the fields in question are not bound to the xsd schema.  and changing the value in those fields it's complaining about allows me to save but i can't use the original values for some reason, the values are in the fields but not as a value it seems.

I really hope you understand my problem, if not please ask here and i can try to provide more information.

I really need this pdf to work so any help is apreciated.

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1) Is there any consistency in the type of fields disappearing? Are they text fields, numeric fields, dropdowns, or is it a combination of all field types?

2) Does the schema contain restrictions or set values that would influence the initialization of the form?

3) Does the form perform any field level initialization?

4) Does the form contain calculations that could produce null results? If fields used in calculations are null, the calculation results may be null?



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1) no consistency one is a pure text field and others are date fields, except for the fields not beeing bound to the xml schema there is nothing different about them.

There is one odd thing, one field that is bound to the xml schema and also checked during save has never had any null value aka never came back with an error msg.

2) No restrictions that i can think of, the export to xml from the schema works great.

3) nope it's only typed in values or choose date fields.


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Is it possible to forward the form for review? If so, please send to stwalker.adobe@gmail.com.


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I've managed to solve it.

The problem seemed to be the binding as usual it stays on normal but when i use the xml schema the "normal" binding seems to cause problems

so i changed all fields that aren't exported by the xml schema to binding "none".

Thanks for bringing the idea with you'r second question tho.

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