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Values are not persisting when it goes to next user.


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Hi Guide Exports,

We are using guide to get inputs from user. Here we are using prepopulate concept to  fill the form depends on user input.

We are filling major part of the guide using  prepopulation.Once user fills the form,then clicks on complete button and we are sending  the guide to  manager for approval.

We are not getting data  in dropdownlist component at manager's side.

The heck is here we are not getting  prepopulated data at manager's Guide.

We are getitng user entered data as xml at process side and we are binidng the same with guide  at Assignment activity (Presentation data).

PFA image for more info.


To bind the xml data to  guide , we are using renderFormGuide activity, but we are getting issues like Content root should be scpecified. Please let us know how to specify content root path and other configs if any.

Please help us to resolve this issue.

Thanks Inadvance.



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