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Users unable to save data in .pdf


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I created a rather simple form in LiveCycle Designer 8.2.  However, when users open the form in Acrobat Reader 9.0+ they are informed that they cannot save the data in the file and that it must be printed out.  I've looked through Ted Padova/Angie Okamoto's PDF Forms using LiveCycle Bible and have found nothing that can remotely explain this.  Perhaps I have missed a step, an option or saved it correctly.  Can anyone out there give me a hint, an explaination, or a fix for this problem?


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The issue is that the form will have certain restrictions when opened in Reader. For example, users cannot save the data that they have entered into the form.

There is a step you can take, which is to "Reader Enable" the form before you send it out. There are two approaches:

  1. You can Reader Enable the form using Acrobat Standard v9 and above or Acrobat Pro v8.
  2. You can use the full server product LC Reader Extensions ES2 to apply the Reader rights. 

The features that are available to the user will depend on which was you apply the Reader rights.

For example:


In your situation, you are at Option 2: form is not Reader Enabled and the user opens the form in Reader.

In order to enable the user to be able to save the data in the form, you need to get to Option 3 (enabling the form using Acrobat) OR Option 4 (enabling the form using LC Reader Extensions).

There is more information here: http://assure.ly/etkFNU.

Please note that there are licensing restrictions in Reader Enabling a form in Acrobat. Also you need to Reader Enable the form before you send it out to the users.

Hope that helps,



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Thank you for your response.  I have completed this successfully.  However, when I open the document in Reader 9.0+ an error message pops up twice saying "This operation is not permitted." Any further insight? Anyone?

Thanks once again.