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Table columns hide with radio button but visible column resizes errantly


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Good afternoon, my good people.

Working on a dynamic form. I have a three column table. Column A is .7", column B is 1.2", and column C is 6.1".

I have a radio button that will cause the first two columns to hide (which seemed to be way more difficult than it should've been - but I chalk that up to poor javascripting).

When I launch the button column A & B do indeed hide. But..  column C (typically 6.1" wide) resizes itself to .7" (the size of column A).

Some words of wisdom, please.

And, as an aside, my header row now only repeats on one page. I am trying to troubleshoot this, as we speak.

Thanks, in advance, for your attention.

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Not sure how you even hid columns, so well done on that.

What would happen if you set a minimum width of 6.1" using minW in the initialisation event of column C? Does it still resize?

Or changed it after clicking using:

Reference_Syntax.w = "6.1in";


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Hi there,

Hiding columns can get a little tricky due to how data is stored within a table regarding columns...

The reason why your column automatically resize to 0.7" is because of the order of columns and the order of widths per column.

If you have a look at your table property columnWidths within the XML, you can see how the columns are split with space between each other. Now because you have hidden column 1 and column 2, the first column visible remains 0.7".. so you would have to handle this part as well.

When removing the columns you can simply change the behaviour using the following statement:

I hope this will help.