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Change pageCount in Form


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I am using Livecycle Desinger in SAP. Here i made a Form for working Hours of customers. When i call the Form say with 3 customers (all in one PDF), i have the issue that i am not happy with the pageCount. In most cases for each customer 2 pages are created (can be more). So for 3 Customers i get a PDF with 6 pages. So the numbering is "page 1 of 6", "page 2 of 6" … . What i want is to reset the numbering for each customer, so  i get "page 1 of 2" and "page 2 of 2" for each. I tried to Change the numbering in Pagination of the Masterpage, but as i have 2 Masterpages (Firstpage & FollowingPage), the result is not waht i want either.

I then tried to make my own pageCount and i get my desired result for customers with 2 pages. When a customer has more pages it is wrong. A Customer can get more than 2 pages, as there is a table that grows dynamically. If there are too many rows, another page is necessary. He then has 1 page with Masterpage "Firstpage" and 2 with Masterpage "FollowingPage". The second FollowingPage does not get a pagenumber. I guess it is because i cannot Access it properly with my Code.

In my Code i access the pages via pageSet something like "Form.pageSet[ i ].Masterpage.Subform.Pagenumber.rawValue = value". I guess if theer is more than one page in the pageSet i would Need to access the specific one something like "Form.pageSet[ i ].Masterpage[ j ].Subform.Pagenumber.rawValue = value". But this is not working.

Can anyone help me? Or can you provide me with a better solution?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards


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