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supress empty last page via java script


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I have heard that other guys have the same problem. But I haven't heard a good soltuion....

I have a formular:


+-Data                  float               Binding: GT.DATA[*]                    Repeat subform for each element          Paginierung after: Go to nex page

+---Header           Position        

+--- Positions        float               Binding: $.POS_TAB.DATA[*]     Repeat suform for each element            Paginierung OverflowHeaderArea: Header

    + Position          float

Datas are coming throug the interface in a  nested table

I hope it is the right english word.

It means a table in the table.

Header-Field1 / Header-Field2...... Positions

In Positions there is also a table:

Position-Field1 / Position-Field2.....

It works very fine. The values in my Header (e.g. Header-Field1) is correct. Also if in one group (header records) there is an page-break... The value is not empty it is the  right one :-)

And on each new header-record I have a new page - how I want.

But I have the problem, that becaus I sav in the header-sub-form "after: go to next page". I have a last page, wich is empty.

This is logical.

But is there a way to supress the last page, if it is empty.

Ore ist there a solution to supress every empty page.

I thought about to loop over the complete PDF and if there is a page wich is empty to erase it from the PDF-Tree?

I dont't know the right words...

I think this is a problem not only from me - i read in different places in the internet.

I think, there must be a solution with java-Script.

My problem ist that i can't realy scripting and I dont't understand really the XFA Structure (ist this the right word).

I am very happy if someone can mail me a universal solution, which I can use again and again - I had the problem once before a year ago, because I have solved it by means of ABAP programming. Which is not really good. If someone in the position does something to it, it may be that the height of my fixed position number no longer fits ...

If someone is expert and can help me - I am very happy, becaus I invested a lot time in this problem.

If you want you can also discuss and answer direktly with my also JSpranz@gmx.de

But I think the benefit for other user should be also documented in the adobe-forum wich should be the first adress vor searching for adobe themes :-)

You can answer here in the forum and sent me a mail - than I can look here :-)

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When you say the last page is empty, is it empty of user content or empty of objects/fields?

If it contains fields but they are empty, you can easily hide the page by selecting if a field is null and if so, hide the page.

If it is blank and has no fields, you can still hide the page, but am not sure how you would query the page to find out if there is nothing on it.


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I am not exactly sure what the issue is. I think you are saying that you have a blank page at the end of the document. If this is the case I have encountered that on an occasion. What I have found is that you have a page where the table is expanding beyond the page boundary. To fix it I moved the tables edge within the page and that solved the problem.


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I am not realy the expert :-(

There is a new page (because of wanted page-break afte a subform. And in the lost case this page is than in the result empty.

I don't know I should say it clearly and with only one change to intrepret my problem...


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But my feeling is that I am not the only one which have this problem.

I read a lot of discussion.

But not realy a solution


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If you'd like to send me the file I will be happy to look at it. my email is mousland@gmail.com


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Thank you for your offer.

What file do you want. The PDF-File?

This I can't give you because these are critical / secret Informations.

Ore do you mean another file, wich I can export from Adobe Live Cycle manager? Can you write, the way to export them.

I am very happy, if there is a chance to get support from you :-)

I wish you a good time.



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Unfortunately if you cannot share the file I am not sure how I can help you.