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Summing up through several forms with addInstance each


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As my english isn't very good and the subject is hard to me to explain (even in french LOL), I join my form for a better understanding.

I've 4 tables.

Each tables has 1 raw.

Users could add some raws. (max 4)

The total of raws in the sum of the 4 tables is max 10.

How to do these rules ?

Thanks a lot for your help


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Each row subform has a min and max count value. I woudl set the count of the max rows from the 4 tables to 4. Then you woudl have to keep track of how many rows were added in each table. When the total got below 4 (starting from 10) you would have to change the max value for all remaining tables that did not have 4 rows in it. Each row added from that point on woudl cause a reduction in the max value ...until there were 10 rows.

Make sense?