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Status [secured] when opening a document with the Acrobat Reader


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I have the problem that I created a PDF via LiveCycleDesigner. In the next step another colleage open this document with the Acrobat Reader, he fills in a few details and save this document. Now another colleage opens this document with the Acrobat Reader and he sees the document in the status [secured], so he cannot add other details to this document and save them. With other normal PDF´s this problem does not appear. I think I have to adjust something in the LiveCycleManager, before generating the PDF, but I don´t know where. Somebody can help me?

Thanks in advance! Arne

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Hi there,

If I'm not mistaken, this tag [SECURED] is applied through the form properties where you apply a password for the PDF.

In LiveCycle Designer, go to the following:

File > Form Properties > PDF Security and then if a password is set for the form, you can modify the Changes Allowed option to any applicable.

I am not aware of any other way to have that [SECURED] tag.

I hope this will help you.


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Hello Magnus,

Thanks for your answer.

The flag password is not set. So unfortunatly this cannot be the reason for my problem.


The first colleage who opens the document does not open the document in the status [secured]. Only after the second one opens the document the status [secured] occured.

Thanks in advance for your help.