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Simple RPC with RemoteObject

Level 2
Level 2

I am a newbie and I am trying a simple application to test
RPC using RemoteObject. My application takes a name from a text
input field and prints the welcome greeting in a text area.

The method to execute in my RemoteObject is a goofy method
that takes a person's name and returns the String welcoming the

Here is the method.

package rpc.playerinfo;

public class PlayerService {

public String printThis(String name) {

return "Welcome to " + name;



I've added a destination representing this remote object in
the remote-config.xml file.

<destination id="PlayerDB">





My MXML code is given below :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<mx:Application xmlns:mx=""



import rpc.playerinfo.*;

private function fillTxt(b: String):void{

mainTxt.text = b;




<mx:RemoteObject id="play" destination="PlayerDB">

<mx:method name="printThis" concurrency="last"
result="fillTxt(event.result as String)"/>


<mx:Panel title="Get Player">

<mx:TextArea id = "mainTxt"/> <!-- This is where
the output goes-->

<mx:TextInput id="txtNumber"/> <!-- This is where
the text is input-->

<mx:Button label="i like to print"
click="play.printThis(txtNumber.text)" /> <--Call the remote
object here -->



When I try to run it, I get the following error, when I click
the button.

[RPC Fault faultString="[MessagingError message='Unknown
destination 'PlayerDB'.']" faultCode="InvokeFailed"
faultDetail="Couldn't establish a connection to 'PlayerDB'"]

at mx.rpc::AbstractInvoker/

at mx.rpc.remoting.mxml::Operation/

at mx.rpc.remoting::Operation/send()

at Function/

at mx.rpc.remoting.mxml::Operation/send()

at Function/

at mx.rpc::AbstractService/

at RPCDataService/___Button1_click()

Please help this newbie. Thank you.
11 Replies
Level 4
Level 4
Hi, I tried the same example and it worked for me. Are you
sure you're editing the right remoting-config.xml ?
Level 2
Level 2
Thanks matamel,

I don't know how it can work on your computer and not on
mine. Yes, I am modifying the right configuration files.

My full remoting-config file looks like this :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<service id="remoting-service"




<adapter-definition id="java-object"



<channel ref="my-amf"/>


<destination id="PlayerDB">






Also, my web.xml is pretty empty. Anything need to be there ?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<!DOCTYPE web-app

PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems, Inc.//DTD Web Application



<!-- BalancerFilter definition -->


Also, I have two web applications - Flex and rpcdataservice.
Inside my rpcdataservice I have a web-inf folder, inside which I
have another flex subdirectory. I am modifying the
remote-config.xml file in my flex subdirectory inside my
rpcdataservice web application. I am NOT modifying it in the flex
web application (The Flex root).


Should I have a correponding actionscript file for my Java
class ? I was under the assumption that those are required only if
I am using them as data types. Here the return type is just a

Thanks for your help.
Level 4
Level 4
No, you don't need need Actionscipt files in this case. Your
remoting-config.xml file is correct but maybe your application
tries to pick remoting-config.xml from the Flex folder? Why don't
you define PlayerDB in WEB-INF/ of Flex folder as well and see if
that makes a difference?
Level 2
Level 2
Tried everything, doesn't work.

Even removed flex and flex-admin webapps from Tomcat. Just
have rpcdataservice webapp and inside that the Flex subfolder with
the right configuration files.

Also, I used the build.bat (got it from flex samples) to
build the .swf file from .mxml file.

@echo off

SET OPTS=-use-network=false

for /R . %%f in (*.mxml) do ..\..\bin\mxmlc.exe %OPTS% "%%f"

I'm sure this has nothing to do with it, but I tried
everything else already

Thanks Matamel.
Level 4
Level 4
Hmm. I don't know what could be the problem but these are
some things I'd try myself:

1- Can you define and use the remote object from flex or
flex-admin apps?

2- Can you use other types of destinations in rpcdataservice
app? (look into messaging-config.xml, proxy-config.xml and
data-management.xml config for other types of destinations)
Level 2
Level 2
And the plot thickens.

I removed flex, flex-admin directories, and kept just the
rpcdataservice (my app) as the only webapp under Tomcat. What I see
is that if I launch .mxml from the browser, it works, but when I
launch the .swf file it complains about 'unknown destination'.

I compiled the .mxml into .swf frm command-line using the
batch file I mentioned in the earlier message.

So .mxml works, but .swf doesn't work. Again I am launching
both the files from the browser.

Thanks for your patience.
Level 4
Level 4
What happens when you try to launch the flex-admin swf file
(console.swf I think)? Do you get the same type of error?
Level 4
Level 4
By the way, when you compile mxml yourself, make sure you use <path_to_services-config.xml>. This
points the compiler to your services configuration file and that
way all the destination information gets compiled into the swf.

Level 2
Level 2
>>By the way, when you compile mxml yourself, make sure
you use <path_to_services-config.xml>.

That works - now .the swf and mxml both work.

Thanks so much for your help, matamel.
Level 1
Level 1
hi arkcto ,. i also have same problem as well

i have created a Flex 2 application and compiled a some java

i was using remoteobj to connect those java class

but i also got this error

RPC Fault faultString="[MessagingError message='Unknown
destination 'PlayerDB'.

so that , what can i do .. thank ..

Not applicable
Did you specify a -services command line argument for the
compiler and set

its value to the path to your
/WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml file?