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'Sign' option greyed out in Adobe Reader DC (Dynamic Form created in Adobe LC)


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I created a dynamic form in Adobe Live Cycle Designer. Nothing complicated.  Has a table for adding or removing instances of rows, a couple of calculated fields, and a few pop-up messages.  I also placed a signature field in the form. I then opened the form with Adobe Acrobat and saved the form as a Reader extended PDF.

Now, when opened with Adobe Reader DC the Digital Signature field does not work. The curser pointer changes to the hand, but nothing happens when clicked.

I then tried the option of leaving the digital signature field out of the form so that the Adobe Reader DC "Fill and Save" option could be used. The form could be filled and works fine dynamically. But the 'Sign' option is greyed out.   The permissions for signing seem to be blocked.

I can only assume there may be something I have missed in the creation of the form in Adobe LC Designer?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Sorry, the third last paragraph should read, ... so that the Adobe Reader DC "Fill and Sign" option could be used.


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My company is divided into separate units across North America that have varying levels of server access and different types of software. One particular unit had this exact problem. We tried everything we could think of, and the only solution we found was to save it as a 'Static' form, rather than 'Dynamic'. Unfortunately this approach limits the functionality of the form, but it got the job done.

Also, our form has multiple digital signature fields, so I had to make sure only one of them (in this case, the manager signature) is set to 'lock fields after signing'.