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Should unlockPDFUsingPolicy() work using SOAP?


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The following call is exposed in EDCRightsManagement's SOAP-calls:

BLOB unlockPDFUsingPolicy(BLOB inPDFDoc)

Calling succeeds, but when passing the resulting Document into an
Reader-Extension SOAP-call like:


LCRMReaderExtensionProxy.applyUsageRights(oReaderExtBlob, . . .)

the resulting exception claims:

"com.adobe.livecycle.readerextensions.client.exceptions.ReaderExtensionsException: ALC-RES-001-022: The input PDF document is encrypted and needs to be unlocked for this operation."

- Is this sequence supposed to work?

- Could it be, that this sequence is not working using SOAP, but would work using EJB-mode?

- How would you suggest to combine those two operations successfully, when calling from an Microsoft .NET C# world?

Thanks, Dilettanto

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- yes it works, but it does not help

When the SOAP-call returns to the caller, the server-side transaction has been terminated and the IRM-Unlock is not effective anymore.

This means, that IRM-Unlock should be rather used within an process on serverside - then the IRM-Unlock is still effective when the next step of the process will be executed.

Wondering though, why this call is offered as SOAP-call (when it is of no use being called from outside)



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we are facing same issue. if you found any solution,please help....


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we are facing same issue too@. if you found any solution,please help us.