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Send PDF in Email Button


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I have a PDF for new employees in LiveCycle Designer ES. I want to be able to have workers fill out form and be able to send in a PDF not an XML

I’ve tried to create using regular button and doing mailto:xxxxx@XXX.com . Also I have tried using the email submit, but I am only able to send as an XML.

Is there any way to make an email submission button that will be sent as a PDF?

Please Help !!! ^__^



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By default, Adobe Reader users can only send XML, FDF, XFDF, XDP format.

To send in PDF format instead of XML, you must Extend Rights to the form.

There is a drawback to this approach provided by Adobe.

The end-users will need a 3rd party client side e-mail software such as OUTLOOK to send the PDF.

Another approach is to submit to a server-side script (ASP.net/PHP), and take the response and attach to an e-mail message, which sends SMTP instead of OUTLOOK. So there will be no need for client side e-mail software.

For more information:



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Thank you for responding!

The other party has Outlook...

Would you mind telling me how to Extend Rights to the Form... I'm not sure how to go about doing that.

Thanks again


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Here's a link:


Also, be sure not to make changes to the PDF after you save the form with Extended Rights, because, it will invalidate the Usage Rights.


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Thanks so much!

Really appreciate the help.