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Script / calculate subtotal of Amount during process (item line in desing view) and display it at the bottom of masterpage before continue to the others pages


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Dear All ,


I'm facing an issue and I dont know how to do without use Script .
Unfortunatly, I don't know how to build a SCRIPT into the form .
Here the purpose of my request :

I have to display an invoice.
at the bottom of each Master Page

If invoice has only one page , I need to display a subform (S1) with several data as total amount, VAt .... etc !!!!
in case of several page, the previous subform ( S1 ) is replaced by S2 to display only one information.
this information is corresponding to the subtotal of Amount red into the Design View (Table-DATA -KWERT ) into the main area. .

One page or last page : display S1

Subform S1 bottom MP.png

Intermediate pages : Display Subtotal calculated: ( Sum of each Amount read in the current page) :

   Subform S2 bottom MP.png

I think I have to do at least , 2 things:
First : create a var ( SubT_Calculate) , calculating the Sum of amount during reading of data of each row .
Second : check if I'm in last page or not.


in this case ( not in last page)  :

-  have to hide S1 using a script  ,

-  get Var'value calculated and Display it in S2   .


If this possible ?

If possible ,  could you help to find solution to fix this issue, please ?

thank you so much for all help you could provide me.

best regards,

Take Care of you and your Familly .

Best regards,




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Hi, this looks like a rather complex form. I do not have the time to recreate a sample which comes close to yours just by looking here. If you send me a link to your form as a PM I can have a look at it and make suggestions.


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Hello @Kosta_Prokopiu1 ,

firstable , thank you about your answer. I'll try to extract the XMl in Adobe life cycle locally .

the reason is I can't send you a link cause the Form is created in SAP.

thank you again for your help.

Have a good day .

Best regards , Séb.


Sum can be used for anything in dynamic subforms. If you have subformdyn with n instances and a field numericvalue in it then you can sum it with Sum(subformdyn[*].numericvalue). The path to the variable must be correct.


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I have the same problem but not that complicated. So do anyone know how to subtotal only one field value in subform? I only found sum which only used for table but I didn't found functions for subtotal a field in subform. If possible can anyone give me a simple sample for the function of subtotal? (I am just a poor business consultant who was trying to code in Adobe, so this request may seems **bleep**) Very appreciate. Thanks!


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